Safe Behaviors Webinar: The Next Generation of Leadership in Biosafety

July 2018 Lunch Break Series: The Next Generation of Leadership in Biosafety This program is facilitated by Dr. Anthony Troiano and Dr. Robert Hawley. Ask any leader in the biosafety profession, “How did you get into this field?” and the stories couldn’t be more different. This presents a large problem for young professionals both in the field and those trying to enter the profession. Where will the next wave of leadership come from to steward us into the future? Are we doing everything we can as both young professionals and biosafety leaders to foster this? What are motivating factors for millennials and how does this apply to biosafety? How can young professionals establish a brand for themselves? This Lunch Break Series will address the skills and strategies young professionals must have to become leaders in the biosafety profession. It doesn’t matter how many years of research experience or what academic pedigree you have, if you can’t effectively communicate to both staff and technical decision makers, you can’t work successfully as a safety professional. We look forward to serving you.
Wednesday, July 18, 2018 - 1:00pm
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