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Just as there are many types of lab animals, there is a great diversity of people whose work involves animal care and use, including: the scientist who designs and conducts research, the veterinarian who supervises the care of animals, the animal caretaker or technician who monitors the animals while providing daily care, the representatives of a company that sells products or services used in lab animals.  To benefit these people AZAALAS was set up as an information network for those involved with lab animal science in any way. AALAS depends on its' members to remain informed & grow. 

AALAS members, whatever their interest in lab animal science have the opportunity for professional growth through involvement in national and local meetings, participation in certification training programs and access to AALAS publications and educational materials. Each branch has its own educational agenda, scientific and technical presentations, workshops, tours of facilities, local training programs and regular social activities.

Summer Video Conference August 14 with Dev Ferguson

Spring Video Conference March 27

LATG Spring Training Schedule

Fall Video Conference
Sept 8
Chameleon Research


2014 Awards


Mark Lindholm
Technician of the Year

Cindy Madura
Member of the Year

Arizona Branch is now offering scholarships for bronze National AALAS membership to its members in good standing.


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Members of the AALAS hold the belief that humane lab animal care and use is basic to good science and have contributed to quality research for more than 35 years. The founders of AALAS saw a need for education in their field and began meeting regularly to share information. Their discussions laid the foundation for the biomedical field known as lab animal science.

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